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Overcoats are one of the most important garments in any man’s wardrobe but they often get ignored because we take them for granted. We view it as an outerwear that we use in the winter season but remember that the people are going to look at the overcoat you are wearing and judge your look regardless of the outfit you wear under it for an entire season. Thus it is important that you carefully select the overcoat and also style it properly. There are a lot of varieties in overcoats and in this article we discuss the mens wool car coats and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

Overcoats are used as a protective layer over the existing outfit so that it acts as a shield against the weather elements like cold and rain. Overcoats are mostly preferred for the chilly seasons of winter and fall but some of the fashion enthusiasts like to style them for the warmer months too. These coats are light in weight and are usually known as topcoats. But the overcoats that we use for the winter season should be thick and have great insulation properties. Thus we recommend you to go with mens wool car coats.

Wool is the most popular fabric when it comes to overcoats. This is because of the fact that they are available in different weights and thus are flexible for the purchase. For example if you are in a place with harsh winters that involves snowstorms and such then you can go with mens wool car coats with fur collars. But if your place has mild winters then you can go with the lightweight mens wool car coats which is a versatile choice since you can wear them with layers when the temperature is low and also as a fashion garment in spring. The versatility and the readily available characteristic of the wool overcoats are some of the reasons which makes them a favorite.

As for the mens wool car coats is a classic design as with many of the overcoats like peacoats and trench coats. But they slightly deviate from the military origin since they were designed to protect the passenger from the cold and dust while driving. At that time the cars were considered to be a great riding past time and hence the name. Also the cars of that time had open roofs and also were poorly insulated. This made the passengers cold and also the women to spoil the clothes underneath. Thus the need for the overcoat arose and the designers provided with the mens wool car coats although at that time both men and women wore these coats.

As for the classic mens wool car coat it is single breasted and has a turn up collar. The buttons on this single breasted mens wool car coats are provided in a way that they can be buttoned all the way up to the neck. This design of the mens wool car coats was done keeping in mind the drivers of that time and the turn up collar which can be extended to cover the face from the wind was also a functional design.

The length of the mens wool car coats were originally long but after the war the jeep coat design caught on making the mens wool car coat also go shorter. The present design of the mens wool car coats end near the upper thigh region and come with two front welt pockets. The traditional mens wool car coats have a straight A line cut and mostly come without any rear vent. If you are a person who likes the full length design of overcoats then you can go with the long mens wool car coats.

As for the price of the mens wool car coats it might be a little expensive if you are going for the 100% wool type. In these cases you can go with the blended mens wool car coats that come with reduced price. While the mens car coats were originally only made in wool nowadays they are available in a variety of fabrics including the synthetic ones like polyester and nylon. But we would always recommend you to go with the mens wool car coats since they are the best in terms of quality and functionality.

The mens wool car coats are a functional and practical wear that can be easily paired with almost any garment. The simple coat design can be worn with both formal and casual garments and thus can be a good choice when you want to buy your first overcoat. For added benefit you can go with the waterproof mens wool car coats.

As for the color of the mens wool car coats you can go with the one that would suit the need for which you are purchasing the coat. If you are getting the coat for formal use then you can go with the dark colored ones. For example you can style the charcoal mens wool car coats with a white dress shirt, grey wool vest, black tie and charcoal dress pants for a classy look. Complete the look with a black wool hat and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a smart casual look you can wear the black mens wool car coat over a layered outfit of white long sleeve shirt, navy crew neck sweater and black jeans. For casual use you can opt for the lighter colors of mens wool car coats. For example a beige mens wool car coat worn over a grey polo and tobacco jeans is a cool laid back look.

When it comes to the fit of the mens wool car coats select it with the layers that you are going wear under it in mind. Slim fit mens wool car coats and modern fit mens wool car coats are good choices for a fitting look. For a casual design go with the classic fit mens wool car coats or big and tall mens wool car coats.


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