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over coat Vicuna is a rare animal that lives only in the high Andes and the hairs gotten from that animal makes an excellent fabric. The fabric is light in weight and ridiculously soft that gives a high comfort and sophistication to the wearer. Once it was tended to be a material specifically meant for making fashion scarves and other accessories but it has now proved to be finest fabric that is just right to design and create extraordinary vicuna coats. Coats made from vicuna fabric are both warmer and stronger that give a snug fit to the users. Since they are hypoallergenic, they would not cause any allergic reactions to the body of the wearer.

Vicuna coats make for the finest fabric with unparalleled beauty and softness. Gone are the days, when celebrities only can wear these coats but now the situation is totally different. Anyone can wear such coats as per their fashion desires and individual personalities. Believe it or not, coats have become an integral part of modern day gentlemens wardrobe. Todays fashion designers are inundated with much more fashion ideas and the delicate fleeciness of vicuna can be easily found in almost all sorts of clothing.

Vicuna coat generally comes in two layers. First one is made of long, coarse and bristly fibers and second one is made of short, fine and dense fibers. Vicuna coats are now available in classic herringbones men coat and bold check patterns. With the advancements in fashion technology, you can now have a coat on a simple palette of black or blue or even neutral color. These vicuna coats are quite luxurious outer garments that provide ample warmth to the wearer due to its long men coat fibers and close knit.

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These vicuna coats are extremely lighter and softer than any other wool men coat jackets. They prove to be superior in terms of versatility and durability, since it is naturally water resistant. It also resists dust, stains and wrinkles. These vicuna coats stood the test of time and so they are cherished by many modern upscale gentlemen today. Also, the variety of styles and colors available in the fashion market make them a preferred choice by lots of people who frequently wear hand-made clothing items.

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