Houndstooth overcoat

If you are a man who does not settle on anything less especially when it comes to style, then your wardrobe must have at least one patterned overcoat particularly houndstooth overcoat. Resembling the back teeth of a dog, houndstooth is one of the most beautiful patterns that are highly stylish and versatile and it is made up of a specific repeating geometric block. The earliest appearance of houndstooth dates back to the 1800s and when it comes to patterns, there is nothing versatile like houndstooth and the material stands out from the rest because of this particular aspect. The houndstooth overcoats or patterned overcoats are an item of clothing that is underrate for its pairing options, well, if truth be said, they are one of the most versatile options available out there. In order to make the most of it, you just need to break away from the routine and play with the size, scale, contrast, and color to make the most of it. Having said that, a large-scale houndstooth can be bold and daring, while a micro-pattern will look almost solid from a distance. If you are person who is experimenting, then for a more adventurous look, opt for a big, bold houndstooth and it will certainly grab some attention, but all the right kind of attention.

Many people see houndstooth as a difficult item of clothing especially with regards to pairing, but this is not the case. It is an ideal layering which adds some interest to your outfit. So, scale up your look, beat the cold snap in style and break away from the ideas of a boring outerwear option, and give your look a complete makeover with houndstooth overcoat for men, houndstooth coat mens. We at overcoatUSA house a wide range of men’s overcoat that is no less than your well-tailored suit.