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The fur coats have been an dilemma for the vegan people who like the look of these coats. While their principle is against choosing these coats the need for the coat during the winter season is inevitable fur being a great choice. Thankfully you have the alternative option of going with the faux fur coats that will tick all the right boxes for these people. When you go with the faux fur coats you can get a fur coat like garment without compromising on your principle. If you are thinking of getting the style then here is everything that you need to know about the long faux fur coats for this season.

Faux fur coats are also known as fake fur coats and artificial fur coats. This is because of the fact that the long coats are made from the synthetic fabrics and not like the actual fur ones that are made from the fur obtained from the animals like beaver, fox and mink some of which are rare. The long coats have been popular for a long time now since there is always the need for chic and cozy overcoats.

Men have shied away from wearing the long coats or any fur coats for that matter since they are considered to be reserved for women’s fashion. But now with the unisex fashions proliferating and some of the famous celebrities breaking the stereotypes there have been more than enough inspiration for the younger generation to try out new styles. Long coats are one among them and the constantly increasing sales of the fur garments in menswear is the proof.

Long faux fur coats are available in different styles and colors. While the same may be true with the former claim there aren’t very much color choices with the real fur garments. This gives you with more choices and thus the long coats have become a favorite among the overcoat lovers. The name of the coats is because of the fact that faux is the French word that translates to something that is fake or false. The long coats are usually made of synthetic textiles that resemble the real fur. Some of the coats resemble the real fur coats so much so that it is hard to tell them apart easily while some are designed in a way so that the distinction is apparent.

Since the synthetic fibers that are involved with the production of the coats are available easily when compared with the real fur coats the price of the long coats are less expensive than the latter. As an added advantage the long fur coats are more durable and resistant. As for the materials used in the making of the mens long coats the primary polymer us the acrylics while the natural fabrics like silk, cotton or wool is often used as base fabrics.

The coat has been a hit among the fashion designers since they do not have the risk of offending anyone. The real fur coats have been frowned upon by the vegans and the people who support animal rights. The coats have been a great choice for these people and also supports the eco trend that has been becoming popular in the recent times.

As for the type of the mens faux fur coats it can be divided into three major types. The faux fur of the coats vary in length and softness. The faux fur in the coats include the ones like fake beaver, mink, leopard and the others. The long pile faux fur coats have furs that are lengthy while the medium faux fur coats and short faux fur coats have medium and short length furs respectively. All the three types of the long coats are equally popular and preferred by people of various tastes.

The length of the long faux fur coats for men is one of the most important things to note. Most people prefer the long ones that reach the knee portion or a few inches above it since it gives a great look. Also it provides the wearer with the maximum coverage which comes as a great advantage when you get the long faux fur coats for the insulation that they provide. If you are a person who lives in a place which has extreme climatic conditions then the long coats might be a great choice. The faux furs on the high quality coats are closely packed together thus effectively trapping the movement of the air and keeping the wearer warm even in the coldest climates.

The fit of the long coat that you choose is an important factor to consider. If you are getting the long coats online then most of the online sites provide you with the size guide for the product. It is best to know your measurements and then select the coat that would suit you best. The naturally bigger nature of the coats might make you look bulky thus it might be better to go with the slim fit long coats or modern fit long faux fur coats. Other than this if you are thinking of bundling up then you can try out the classic long coats or the big and tall coats.

The long coats are available in bright colors and you can try these out when you need a fashion garment. Red long faux fur coats and purple long fur coats are some of the recommendations when you need a fashion forward garment. For subtle look you can go with the black long faux fur coats or brown long faux fur coats. Choose the one that you will feel the most comfortable while wearing it.


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