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Men's fashion has always leaned to the simple styles rather than the extravagant or even mildly flashy ones. Anything that seems out of the usual we deem as unconventional and vehemently avoid going with the choice. There is no exception of this when it comes to overcoats. Wool overcoats have passed the radar but the fur coats are too flashy and thus are considered to be a womanly style. But in recent times the stereotypes are being broken and men are starting to be more open to the fashion. In this article we discuss the Navy blue fur coat mens and all that you need to know about the style before you get them for yourself.

When we say fur coats most people would imagine the long furry coats that Hollywood women wear but in reality those coats are the most luxurious ones and thus are not very common. While the fur coats have now being seen as women's fashion they have been a staple in both men's and women's style for a long time before. The fur coat fashion was present all through the 1900s but they reached the peak of popularity in the 1920s and early 1930s. The use of the fur coats declined in the 1990s because of the protests by the anti fur activists. But in recent times there is a heavy surge in the number of people going for the fur coats and the increasing sales is just the proof we need.

If you are thinking of getting the Navy blue fur coat mens there are a few things that you will have to note. Though the style has been rare there are still quite a few Varieties for you to choose from. Depending on how you are intending to wear it you can choose the style of the Navy blue fur coat mens. The first type is the all fur coats which are more on the luxurious side. The fur for these Navy blue fur coats are usually got from animals like racoon, beaver, sable, etc. If you live in a place with harsh winters then these coats are your best choice. People living in regions where the regular temperature can fall below zero can utilise these coats. But for regular winters these all fur blue mens coat might look intimidating since all the fur on the coat makes it substantial.

These all fur coat mens also because of the fur can make the person look bulky but they provide excellent insulation properties. Also these fur coats are cut to be a little wider than the usual coats. While getting the fur coat you should make sure to go with the quality ones which looks like it is made from a single piece even though it is made from many separate pieces of fur. Also when you choose the fur make sure that you go with winter fur Navy blue coats since they have underhair that provides better insulation which is not the case with the summer furs.

The next style when you need a little more formal style it is recommended for you to go with fur lined mens coats. These are for men who consider the all fur coats to be too flashy and would like to start off slow. When you go with fur lined Navy blue coats mens you get the insulation and sophistication of the fur coats but with the simple and understated appearance of the wool coats. The fur on these fur lined coats mens are usually plucked which means they are trimmed to a certain length. These plucked furs are much softer than the long guard haired ones and when you need a simple and sophisticated look then the Navy blue fur lined coat mens are the ones that are much recommended.

Some of the lined Navy blue fur coats come with the linings that are removable and thus you have the choice of putting it on and taking it off as per your requirement. Usually these Navy blue coats fur come with button closures but when you need a more fashionable choice you can choose to go with the fur Navy blue coats with zippers. When you need a traditional style then you can choose fur Navy blue coats that come with shawl collars that are made of different furs from the rest of the coats. But if you are into modern styles then you can choose to go with the simple styles that are made with same furs through the coats.

Now if you need a style that is on the simpler side but also would provide warmth from the cold then you can choose to go with mens fur collar coats. These Navy blue fur coats mens come with the simple style but with the addition of the fur collars and are the best for men who like the go with the warmer styles but are still a little intimidated with the use of furs. Another advantage with the fur collar Navy blue coats is that most come with detachable collar styles which you can take off when not required. You can get these collars stitched on to the collar of your top coats for the winter seasons and then take them off once the cold winds stop. The vintage fur collars are usually reasonably priced making them the best pick for budget buy.

Other than these the length of the Navy blue fur coat mens is also another thing to note. Full length navy blue fur coat men mens is the usual style that is most recommended since they can provide you with maximum protection against the cold. But when you need a casual style that is more aesthetically pleasing than being functional then you can choose to go with ¾ length navy blue fur coat men mens. Navy blue fur coat men mens is the best choice even if you are getting the coats for the first time since they are the most versatile choice.


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